Schneider Kreuznach Projection

CDC 1.1-1.4x C-Line

The Cine-Digitar 1.1x-1.4x Zoom Tele-converter Lens was designed for
use with DLP and LCD video projection systems used in home theaters, conference rooms, classrooms, exhibition halls and auditoriums. This lens is particularly well suited to meet the needs of houses of worship, as it greatly increases the ability to locate the projector inconspicuously and where its operating noise will not be obtrusive.
The new Cine-Digitar Zoom Tele-converter Lens enables users to reduce an image to the optimal desired size without moving the projector. In addition, because at the bottom end of its scale this lens automatically reduces the image size by 10%, it enables users to maintain the original image size while moving the projector from 10 to 40 percent farther away from the screen.
Designed for use with projectors having a permanently attached prime lenses, Cine-Digitar Zoom Tele-Converter lenses feature a unique  mechanical design that makes usage and/or mounting simple. Their flat surfaces allow users to simply set the lens on a table in front of the projector; threaded mounting holes also allow the converter to be bolted to a  stand, table or custom bracket. They are designed to allow a 50-percent offset with 0.9 chips, and will function perfectly with 1.3 chips, with no offset.
The extremely high quality, easy set-up, and amazing picture quality of Schneider Cine-Digitar Zoom Tele-Converter lenses provides an ideal solution for those who want optimum performance from moderately priced projection systems.

Key Features

  • to maintain the original image size while moving the projector away from the screen
  • threaded mounting holes

General Technical Specifications

Size of image

0.5"(incl. 50% offset)

Image format

11.2 x 16.6 mm





Mechanical Diameter

96 mm


68.5 mm


0.705 kg

Mounting Capability

stand, table or custom bracket



146 kB